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Fall in Love with your Camera

Hands-on Photography Workshops

Learn Camera basics in a few hours & Fall in love with Photography


Do Your Pictures Come Out the Way You Want?


Are you unsure how to start learning photography?

Did you get a new camera and want a ‘quick-start’ to great pictures?

Are you unsure of shooting in anything but “Automatic” mode?

Are you afraid to push your camera’s buttons?

Does your camera manual read like an electrical engineering textbook?

Do you want to take awesome photos of your family & life around you?


Meet Your Guides of The Camera Crush 

Walter SHEEHEY: PORTRAITs & WEDDINGs IN upstate New York

DACIA BANDA: FAMILies, Newborns & Birth Photography in connecticut

LING MESSER: WEDDINGs in new england


The Camera Crush Workshops are for:

  • moms, dads & grandparents who want to confidently capture great moments of family

  • wanderlusts who want to remember their travels with their own photos

  • people who want to document the world around them day-to-day

  • entrepreneurs who want to take photos for their business to the next level

We’re excited to share our simple, hands-on approach to help you grow a love for photography.
It starts with learning the basics. We want you to unlock the potential of that complicated gadget and fall in love with your camera!



We believe a hands-on approach is the best way to learn how to use your camera. We’ll guide you with one-on-one instruction.


Take your camera skills to the next level in a wonderful location. Spend a weekend with us and other like-minded people.


Find out what you can do with your camera and keep up with Ling, Dacia and Walter at our blog - HOW TO: CAMERA.

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Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.
— Marc Riboud