How to take Photos for Instagram Challenge | Paper Hearts

If you want to be a “good” photographer, practice!

The main reason why we want to educate beginner photographers, is so that we can help others tell stories of their world and show us how they see it. Plus, you never know when your image might be so powerful that it might impact someone.

We understand how taking pictures can be boring sometimes.

If you’re a creative like me, you may sometimes find yourself in a “creative rut” where it’s hard to photograph anything interesting. This is where the Camera Crush 52-week challenge comes in! We hope that there can be something inspiring for you.

This week’s topic for the photography challenge: Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day filled with hearts. For this week, I had a really hard time figuring out what to photograph. The only thing that really was heart-related for this week was this new couples’ journal I picked up at Barnes and Noble. So in honor of hearts, and paper hearts, I took photos of this book cover that celebrates love.

Simple Ideas on Shooting

Sometimes, you can start wide, and the move in closer. Once you move in closer, you can play with your aperture and depth of field.

How to Process Your Photos in Lightroom, and Export as JPEG

Here is a video of how I processed the images in Lightroom. Lightroom should automatically detect your camera card, and you can also select the images to “import” or add into Lightroom. Here is a screen video of BASIC recommended processing to do for photos, but of course edit to your liking!

  • increase contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation (or decrease, to your liking!)

  • Since I photographed in RAW format, the pixels need to get a “pop” so you increase contrast, saturation.

Submit your favorite heart photo for the 52-week challenge!

Hop on over to Instagram and post your photo. Make sure that in your photo description, include the following:

camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)


tag us at @thecameracrush so we can see your image!

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