Learn About Light to take Good Photos

Photography is all about the light

If you’re taking pictures on a shooting mode that is anything other than Auto, welcome to the light! You’re telling your camera what to do, and then you can pay more attention to characteristics of light to create awesome pictures.

If you’re not sure how to tell your camera what to do, check out our hands-on classes where we teach you how to play with camera settings a like a pro.


Look for the Angle of Light

Imagine sun rays beaming through clouds, angled in some direction, casting sunlight over certain areas of scene. Or, maybe your main light source is sunlight through a window, or a lamp in a room. Your main or primary light source is where the majority of your light is coming from. At our photography class, we will show you examples of how the direction or angle of light will affect how your photo will come out. We’ll also have short activities for you to try that involve changing your position, if you can’t move your light source!


Intensity of Light

This seems pretty obvious—how bright or strong your light is. That’s basically what it is. The strength of your light on the thing that you’re photographing will affect how you want to set the exposure settings. Beginners, no fear! The Camera Crush can show you how you can avoid over or under-exposed photos no matter how bright or dark it is.

dark night photo of wedding tent

The Color of Light: Meet Kelvin!

Now this is probably a little more advanced, but we just want to let you know that the color light is a factor in creating an image that looks good! We won’t go into detail here, but in our Camera Crush class, we’ll introduce you to Kelvin! LOL. We want you to know what Kelvin is, so that when you’re ready to play around with color settings on your camera, Kelvin will be your friend!


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