Learn Your Camera to Take Photos of Beauty Around You

It does no good to leave your camera sitting on a shelf.

“Someday we’ll make it a priority to learn photography.”

“Someday when we have time we will learn how to take pictures on different camera modes.”

Luckily, I didn’t wait on “someday”. I wanted to know as soon as possible, and hands-on. There are places to go, and people to see!


If it wasn’t for my trip to Israel where I first learned photography, I would have never been able to take these photos of my Oregon prairie trip with my sister.


If I would have never learned photography, I would have never been able to take these pictures of this incredible moment of salmon laying eggs in a clear cold river.


Learn Manual Mode to Photograph Sunsets!

If I would have never learned Manual mode, I would have missed these sunsets trying to fiddle around and figure out how to take the image that I wanted.


Learn How to Use Your DSLR by Signing up for The Camera Crush!

Now we are professional photographers who make a living off photographing the world around us. You don’t need to be “professional” to document your travels and the beauty around you. Walter, Dacia, and Ling at The Camera Crush are here to help you learn this tool you have. It would be a shame to pass by an amazing sunset and to not know how to change your camera settings to take the picture you want. Register for a workshop today, where we will guide you hands-on, and crush your camera doubts!

Ling - Photographer